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At least not to the best of my knowledge it isn’t, otherwise most of the wine lovers that I associate with would be in jail right about now. Yet, last week I received the first threat of legal action against my site (after being around for 18 months now). I figure that it is probably […]

Another new Australian wine blog, this time started by the renowned taster David Lole from Canberra. He is just getting started, but there are a number of tasting notes posted already at I think I have most of the active Australian Wine Blogs (even though Gary from Winorama hates it being called a blog […]

It is interesting to look through the server logs and see what keywords are bringing people to my site (perhaps your idea of interesting is very different to my own, but that is alright). Admittedly, search engines have gotten much better over the past few years and the majority of searches that lead here look […]

If you’ve visited the site over the past couple of weeks, you would have noticed that I was trialling limited Google Ads on some pages. There were a number of things that I didn’t really like about the Google ads. Primarily that I had no real control over what companies were promoted via the ads. […]

Clonakilla is a well known, but still relatively small winery in the Canberra region, close to Australia’s capital city. I had a less than ideal experience with one of the wines that I purchased last year from the cellar door and I wrote to the winery expressing my concern over the problem that night and […]

Since posting on some new Australian wine blogs a few months ago here, there have been a few more that have come along and are worth having a look at. I think I might have to narrow my niche again now that there are so many Australian focused sites – how about Barossa Valley Pinot […]

For those readers in Sydney, it’s almost time for the annual Victorian Winemakers Exhibition at The Menzies Hotel. This year the event will be held on January 30 & 31 with the public tastings between 4pm – 8pm. I went last year and may I suggest arriving as close to 4pm as possible to taste […]

Thanks to SmartyHost for including my blog amongst the finalists in their search for Australia’s Best Blog. Over five hundred blogs were judged for the contest and to make it to the final eleven was exciting (and unexpected). If you are a new visitor, then welcome. As an introduction, the About page talks about some […]

Tyson Stelzer, screwcap expert and Australian wine writer has posted a roundup of thirty 2005 Australian Rieslings at his web site. 2005 is looking like the best overall vintage since 2002 for many of Australia’s Riesling regions. I’ve tasted some super examples from the Clare Valley and Eden Valley in South Australia along with Victoria […]

Welcome to all who have arrived through the mention of my site in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Living section today. As an introduction, the About page talks about some of the things that I’m looking to achieve with this blog. Aside from that, you can view stories and tasting notes on specific regions via […]