Since posting on some new Australian wine blogs a few months ago here, there have been a few more that have come along and are worth having a look at. I think I might have to narrow my niche again now that there are so many Australian focused sites – how about Barossa Valley Pinot reviews?

Bella Bacchante’s Wine Page! – A recently started blog by Caroline from Melbourne that is going to focus on her lengthy overseas wine focused trip.
The Wine Nazi – “Wine Reviews from a guy who is NOT actually a member of the Nazi Party.”

Anybody else out there running an Australian wine/food blog? Feel free to leave a comment below if I am missing anyone.

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  1. If you start concentrating on Barossa anything, I will stop reading you. Too much alcohol and no finesse. Okay, so I’m a food blog with too much alcohol and no finesse.

  2. Believe me, the last thing I plan to be drinking exclusively is warm-climate Pinot Noir!

  3. I know what you mean, sometimes they sneak in a bit of shiraz to give them body. Who are they trying to kid?

  4. I am starting up a specialty warm climate Pinot site. Hunter, Barossa and is the way of the future.


  5. Thank you for the kindness in adding a link to my blog. I have reciprocated, not merely because you linked to me, but because your site has tremendous value in your articles and notes. I believe having a link to your site only enhances mine. Thanks again!

  6. Cam,

    this is more a winery website than a blog, but I have a little garage winery in Cheltenham, Vic producing about 400 doz grampians Shiraz p/a. I try and be about as honest as I can about the way I produce the wines, yeasts, oak, blending decisions, the vineyards, etc so there is a lot of winemaking blather there that your readers may find interesting, especially if amateur winemakers themselves.

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