Appellation Australia Scoring System

My scoring system remains largely unchanged from when I started the site, being a score out of 100. However, my scores do now take into account a more worldwide and experienced perspective. They still remain merely a point of reference and not a definitive judgement but you can be assured that if a wine scores in the 93+ area I consider it brilliant, regardless of its origin – less than 1% of the scores I have used over the past 7 years are in this range.

Keeping that in mind, my point system works roughly along the following lines.

Below 80 I strongly disliked it and/or it had faults that should not be overlooked. To be avoided.
80-83 is below par wine – possibly a minor fault of some sort with it and unlikely to have any interesting facets.
84-86 is probably technically sound but bland and lacking in depth.
87-89 is starting to get more interesting, unlikely to be extremely complex but will be enjoyable in some way.
90+ I liked it quite a bit and it would have a good chance of me considering a repeat purchase. These wines should make a statement about variety, winemaking technique or region.
93+ is a wine of pure excellence, delivering something special with genuine class and character.
97+ would be enough that I would be willing to drop everything that I was doing just to get a taste of it. Reflects the pinnacle of the style or region.