It has been over 8 years since I started this site in early 2005, so it was about time that I updated this page!

Originally I was inspired by wine blogs like Vinography, and I decided to throw my hat in the ring with focus on Australian wine reviews and news.

Since then the scope of both my drinking and the site have expanded, I have written over 5000 tasting notes with around half of those on Australian wine, a quarter being French wine and the others a mix of Germany, Italy, New Zealand, North America and many others including random bottles from places like Lebanon, Morocco and Slovakia.

In addition to wine reviews, I have posted brief restaurants reviews along with photographs from many that I have visited worldwide. These restaurant posts will continue to be a new focus and I hope that you enjoy them in addition to the wine content.

I welcome any feedback or questions that anyone has, be it wine related or otherwise. Please either leave a comment on a post or use the to get in touch.

About Me

I’m Cam(eron) Wheeler and I’m based in Sydney, Australia. My birth-vintage is 1981 (not a spectacular year in many wine regions but there is the odd great wine out there!). Aside from wine and food, my other interests cover photography, football (soccer for those in doubt) and technology/gadgets/gaming.

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  1. Great work Cam, keep it coming buddy and I’m sure we’ll get to share a drink some time in the future!


  2. Hello Cam,

    Just reading some of your notes for the first time and yes you do seem to be a hard marker, but I do like the fact that you are not afraid to score a wine down in the 70s!

    I noticed in your recent Krug post that the first 3 wines are listed as MV. Is this correct or am I missing something? It’s true that I’m just not drinking enough Krug these days (if that goal is even possible) or perhaps there’s been a nautical release of Krug that I’ve not seen?!



  3. Hi Gavin,

    Ah, MV is Krug’s own (marketing) term for NV, standing for Multi Vintage. I do tend to chop and change between calling it NV and MV, but I should probably stick to NV to avoid confusion!

  4. Hi,
    Just passed over your site while searching for some notes on egly-ouriet VP. Great site you’ve got going. I take it that you’re Melbourne based, do you ever hold open tasting nights?
    Cheers, Christian

  5. Hi Christian,

    Thanks for your complimentary words. I’m actually based out of Sydney sorry!

  6. Hi Cam,

    Looks like a good site and I’m sure I’ve been following your notes on CT for while. I am trying to find an Australian on-line retailer who can ship overseas with a good selection of Rieslings. The only one I’ve found is Winestar but the minimum is AU$1K. Any recommendations?

    I’ve booked marked you site and will be back to see what you’ve been drinking on a regulare basis.


  7. Hi Paul,

    Try and . used to do overseas shipping, but I can’t find any information on their website, maybe send them an email if the others don’t have what you are looking for.

  8. Nice Blog Cam!

    wish i could taste a great many wines like you have. One day…

  9. Great blog !
    I am French and just moved to Sydney a month ago.
    And I am a wine freak too.
    And born in 1981.
    If you organize one of your dinners, I’d be happy to come with some bottles !
    Take care,


  10. Hello Cam,
    Very clean site. Great idea to review wines and food experiences on 1 page. Did you take those photos or request them from the restaurant’s PR dept? In any case, if your blog doesn’t make me want to stop everything and go for some great food and wine, I don’t know which one would!
    A Californian working in the trade in Bordeaux for about 10 years, drop me a line if you come to Bordeaux. Best place to reach me is on Facebook. Here’s were:

  11. Hi Cam – your site is just wonderful. I came across you on the weekend & today I sat scrolling through your pages with much admiration. A – for the wine/food/places you visit. B – for the clean photography & C – for your consise format & attention to detail. Just fabulous. Congratulations on your efforts I am now a fan! Dayle

  12. Hi Cam, matey, love your site and your photographs are gorgeous. Brilliant crisp and evocative. Re Krug: I think you should call it MV cos that’s what it is!! Of course in your personal description you can talk about it being a NV wine etc but surely not change the name that Krug gave to the wine?
    Love Alex

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