It is interesting to look through the server logs and see what keywords are bringing people to my site (perhaps your idea of interesting is very different to my own, but that is alright).

Admittedly, search engines have gotten much better over the past few years and the majority of searches that lead here look about right, but the descriptions in tasting notes are liable to generate some unexpected or unusual results coming here (despite the summary of the content under the search result usually not coming close to matching the query details).

Some for this month so far;

all six wheeler duck – I’m not at all sure what that means or why someone would be searching for it.

having peaches and cream and liking it – I can 99.9% guarantee that they weren’t happy to find out that this is a wine review site.

Australian carrot salad texture – Why would it be any different from the texture of a carrot salad elsewhere in the world?

australian wine brand starts with “L” – I’m sorry, search engines are getting better – but I think you will have to try to be more specific. I hope the first result on my site “Leeuwin Estate” was what they were looking for.

australian funky straws – “No shopkeeper, you don’t understand, they must be australian.”

how did the parsnip get to Australia – I guess it is a legitimate question, but the search summary of “House-Made Black Pudding with Foie Gras, Seared Scallops and Parsnip Puree” wasn’t a sign that they were heading to the wrong place?

matching furnitures for butterscotch hardwood floors – If nothing else I hope they found something nice to drink while selecting furniture.

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  1. “all six wheeler duck” – fantastic

  2. Mine are very mundane.
    le tertre du lys d’or
    lindemans pyrus
    penfolds bin 407
    hardys oomoo
    isole e olena
    oomoo shiraz
    penfolds thomas hyland chardonnay
    robertsons well cabernet 2004
    wendouree wine
    clos mogador
    penfolds bin 407 1996
    pierre usseglio
    wendouree shiraz 2002
    2002 penfolds st henri
    bourgogne pinot noir 2002 jean-michel guillon

    But every month and I mean EVERY month there are always dozens of searches on Oomoo..I think the moral of the story is that having an Oomoo review is good for you.

  3. […] Cam Wheeler had an interesting post recently in which he catalogued some of the more interesting search terms that led visitors to his wine blog.  I liked that post so much, I decided to check my own search result log to see how people were randomly finding my site.  Here are a few good results, though none are nearly as good as Cam’s results: […]

  4. Excellent! I must dig deeper beyond Anthony Bourdain and Gay. I assume Robert Parker and Big Red had nothing to do with kangaroos.

  5. hilarious! this is really quite interesting. right up my alley.

  6. Would that be a military all six wheeler duck? You might get caught up in some terrorist organisation if you’re not careful Cam. :-O

    Still, you could save a lot of time by avoiding roads if you took it out on a cross country wine trip.

  7. Lawsuits, military action, you get a bit of everything at Appellation Australia 😉

    Now I’m getting search hits for Anthony Bourdain Gay because of comment 4, thanks Ed!

  8. […] Following on from the previous post about interesting search terms, I’ve been seeing some other strange/interesting ones appear lately.Some selected odd ones over the past month or so; […]

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