Following on from the previous post about interesting search terms, I’ve been seeing some other strange/interesting ones appear lately.Some selected odd ones over the past month or so;

anthony bourdain gay? – Thanks to Ed saying that this was the most interesting search term that he received in a comment on the previous post, now I’m getting them!

CAM FRUIT. COMLooking at the first result for that search, I’m again fairly sure that they weren’t looking for a wine review site.

WHAT POISON DOThis one has me slightly concerned but I hope they found some good advice eventually.

ontario cabbage kingSadly, whoever they were looking for isn’t even the King of cabbage in all of Canada, just Ontario.

australia 431 connection typeNo idea really – maybe it’s a spare part for one of those “all six wheeler ducks”?

signs that you have conceivedNot really my area of expertise at all, but I think that there are tests you can get for that sort of thing that are surely slightly more accurate than random web searching.

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  1. Sex obsessed, you?…

    It’ s not me that’s sex obsessed but the records of search terms used to find this blog. I’d also like to appologise to Cam over at Appellation Australia for giving him the gay Anthony Bourdains. Tomato flu Actually, I’ve……

  2. The best one I’ve had so far is: Tiger raises Pigs for wine. Who types these things in?

  3. I’ve got “smoke on the water restaurant,” apparently for people who like Bad Company-themed food, and “how i introduce myself,” for really clueless people I suppose.

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