We had dinner at this 2 Michelin star restaurant in the Langham Place Hotel in Mong Kok. I really thought this was excellent with a mix of exceptional dishes and great service. Lived up to the Michelin rating.

Cuisine: Cantonese
Service: Great, very friendly and no problems at any point.
Roasted crispy pork w/ 5 spices – Flat out delicious. Probably my favourite version of this dish tried on the trip. Pork had great flavour, the skin was perfectly crisp and the spice was spot on.
Shredded Chicken in spicy sauce – Nice level of spice giving the dish a kick but not overpowering the other flavours, liked the textural elements of the vegetables.
Deep Fried Crab Shell with crab meat – Not bad, lacking a little bit in flavour. The weakest dish of the evening.
Sliced spotted garoupa 2 ways – stir fried with premium mushrooms & deep-fried with sweet and sour sauce – good quality fish cooked perfectly both ways. Interesting contrast between the two styles and liked the dual presentation. Sweet and sour had great overall flavour balance and the mushrooms and stir fried garoupa had bolder flavours. Another highlight.
Crispy Chicken and lotus root “chips” – Nice layer of crisp skin, chicken was moist and tender. Accompanying salt/spice mix brought out excellent flavour. One of the better versions of this dish on the trip.
Shark fin crystal extravagance – shark fin jelly with mango pudding base – the presentation was entertaining (see the pictures at the end) even if it was gimmicky, it certainly does a great job marketing the dessert to the rest of the restaurant. I like mango so the desert was tasty and while the shark fin was not essential, it was an interesting combination.
Cost: HK$935/ AU$110 – includes service charge but not drinks.
Score: 17/20

Roasted crispy pork w/ 5 spices

Shredded Chicken in spicy sauce

Deep Fried Crab Shell with crab meat

Sliced spotted garoupa 2 ways

Half a Crispy Chicken

Marshmallow Rabbits

Shark fin crystal extravagance

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  1. looks rather delicious! that would have been a great experience. dayle

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