An amazing experience, I’ll let the photos do most of the talking. There were 20 pieces to this meal, 18 pictured below.

Entrance to Sushi Kanesaka, Ginza, Tokyo

Sashimi Baby Scallops

Cod Liver

Sashimi Yellowfin Tuna

Sashimi Tuna

Sashimi Horse Mackerel

Grilled Sea Eel

Shinji Kanesaka at work

Lightly grilled Tuna Cheek

Sushi Yellowfin Tuna

Chutoro Tuna Belly

Otoro Tuna Belly

Sushi Squid

Shinji Kanesaka

Sushi Sardine

Sushi Prawn

Sushi Mackerel

Sushi Giant Sea Clam

Makizushi Sea Urchin

Grilled Sea Eel

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  1. When a pro makes sushi, they are work of art.

  2. wow there are some amazing shots here. I love your mix of photos and reviews on your page. Have been following you for a while.


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