A 375ml bottle opened for my birthday recently. Disgorged in July/August 2004.
Displays a very fine bead with a small but persistent mousse. The nose is fresh and at the same time complex – mushroom, lemon zest, pear and peach, fresh wholemeal bread and marzipan. The palate has a lively, refreshing and creamy mouthfeel with a refined weight that builds and builds with time in the glass. Depth, balance, structure and length of the palate are all exceptional. I think Krug NV would make my “stranded on a desert island wine list” without too much trouble at all.


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  1. […] My first disappointment with Krug MV, tastes like the feeling of being betrayed by your best friend. That said, it was still reasonably good and it was still Krug – but I don’t think that anyone before in the history of wine has ever answered the question “did you want the Salinger or the Krug?” with “the Salinger” ! Must have been something wrong with this bottle, as I had a brilliant bottle that I wrote about here. […]

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