I attended three masterclasses as part of the Sydney Good Living Wine Show in late October. I posted on the Lanson/Gauthier Champagne class here.

This class where a Melbourne based chocolatier matched handmade chocolates to Buller Rutherglenn fortified wines was one of the highlights of the day.


Buller Fine Old Malmsey NV with Honey and milk chocolate praline in a milk chocolate cocoa pod
A light nose of honey, toffee, orange peel, apple and a slight oxidative note. The palate is slightly sweet, with decent length, but there is a lack of concentration and complexity.

Buller Fine Old Liqueur Tawny NV with Blood orange caramel filling and dark chocolate
Cherry, blackcurrant/cassis and a spirity essence on the nose. Palate is a bit hot and awkward, with some intensity but not much depth.

Buller Fine Old Tawny NV with Layered milk and dark chocolate praline
A nose of tobacco, caramel and toffee. The palate is rich and mouthfilling, but there is no real depth and the finish tails off much too quickly.

Buller Fine Old Tokay NV with Dark chocolate and vanilla bean ganache
Rich aromas of butterscotch, malt, caramel, rancio and a touch of spirit. The palate is sweet and rich, yet with very good balance. Some depth and complexity and a medium length finish with a twist of spirit.

Buller Fine Old Muscat NV with Ginger and blood orange ganache
Raisins, caramel, fruitcake and smoke on the nose. A very sweet palate that borders on being too sweet. Smoothly textured and with good length, though it lacks in complexity.

Bulller “Calliope” Rare Tokay NV with Blackcurrant ganache and dark chocolate
Intense aromatics – caramel, toffee, rancio, raisins, almond and fig. The palate is full bodied, intense and with a refreshing freshness across its excellent length. Even the smallest sip fills your mouth with flavour. Much less spiky alcohol this time compared to the time that I tried it last at an offline.

Buller “Callope” Rare Muscat NV with Milk chocolate caramel coffee dipped in milk chocolate
Explosive nose of raisin, burnt brown sugar, maple syrup, spice, toffee, smoke and molasses. Incredible concentration of complex flavours on the palate, with stunning richness and an acid structure that somehow manages to balance and carry the deep sweetness. The finish goes on forever. This is quite simply, an incredible wine.

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