Fast Facts:
Country: Australia
Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia
Winemaker: Matt Wenk
Variety: White Frontignac
Closure: Cork
Bought For: $11.50AU (500ml)

The Review:

Wine Blogging Wednesday #11 is being hosted by Beau of Basic Juice, the theme this time around being off-dry white wines. Off-dry being described as not sweet, not dry, but in between.

My choice for this event was the Two Hands “Brilliant Disguise” Moscato 2004. Coming in at just 5% alchoholic volume and made from the White Frontignac grape in a Moscato style.

Tasting Note: Lightly bodied, this wine is bursting with pure grapes and tropical fruit on both the nose and palate. Just a small touch of sweetness. A very gentle spritz lends this wine a refreshing finish. Delicious, a wine for summer days in the sun if there ever was one.

Drinking Window: I definitely wouldn’t be hanging about with this wine, best drunk right now, then pickup some of the recently released ’05 edition.

Verdict: 88 points, with a value rating of Excellent.

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  1. Frontignac – thats Muscat is it not?

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Indeed Muscat is a synonym for Frontignac. I did read in a book recently that it is the worlds 12th most planted variety and has over thirty synonyms.

    When I stated that it was made in a Moscato style, it was only to clarify the style, since Muscat is most commonly used in fortified wine in Australia (Rutherglen Tokay coming to mind).

  3. I msut admit I was a bit vague over the name – got me reaching for the bookshelf too! 😉

  4. Outstanding wine, and I usually don’t drink white wines. Served with an appetized of grilled oysters and mango pico de gallo with chili horseradish. The bright flavor of the wine was perfect with the sweet/hot oysters toppings.

    Highly recommend trying this one. Hopefully I can find it again.

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