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Current Vintage (2004) Sweet A genuine step up in quality and a couple of excellent wines here. The Weingut Schales Eiswein was a lecture in length, balance, power and aging potential. Weingut Schales “Eiswein” – 93/100 Weingartner Bad Cannstatt eG “Zuckerle Eiswein” – 92/100 Max Ferd Richter “Muelheim Helenenkloster” – 91/100 Bardof Gunther Weingut “Randersackerer […]

Current Vintage (2004) Semi-Dry Another six wines offered, and this time some more interesting wines in the six tasted. Weingut Matthias Gaul “Mineralstein” – 91/100 Weingut Deheck & Meinzer “Spatlese feinherb” – 89/100 Weingartner Bad Cannstatt eG “Cannstatter Zuckerle Folition” – 88/100 Max Ferd Richter “Sonnenlay” – 88/100 Weingut Gebruder Anselmann “Classic” – 86/100 Weingut […]

Current Vintage (2004) Dry Six wines on offer here and six were tasted. Generally not too bad, but also generally unexciting. Weingut Deheck & Meinzer “Spatlese Trocken” – 88/100 Weingut Matthias Gaul “Terrain Calcaire” – 88/100 Weingartner Bad Cannstatt eG “Cannstatter Zuckerle Trocken Premium” – 87/100 Marcus Clauss Weinkollektion “Rheinhessen Trocken” – 87/100 Weingut Matthias […]

On to the European class (but this year entirely comprised of Germans), one need only look at the names of some of these wines to understand the trouble Germany must have marketing its wines to people that are used to the straightforward and simple labelling on most “new world” wines.

15 classes of Riesling featuring 338 entries from Australia, New Zealand, Germany and North America? $15 entry and you get to pour your own samples and you get to take home whatever half bottles that are left over at the end? All I have to do is drive 4 hours to Canberra? I’m there. So […]