Lunch at this 1 Michelin star restaurant. It was full when we arrived towards the end of lunch but they found us a table after 10 minutes at the bar.

Cuisine: Shanghainese
Service: Efficient and impersonal
Food: For the most part very good;
Shanghainese Spring rolls – simple but executed well. Pastry was crispy and not oily. Vegetable filling had a nice crunch to it.
Sauteed minced chicken with pine nuts and sesame pastry pockets – A signature dish. Chicken had good flavor with lots of garlic and onion. The pockets were nice and flaky.
Camphor smoked duck – Duck was dry and tough. The weakest dish by far.
Shredded chicken, chilli oil – Excellent dish, well balanced, nice amount of heat/spice. This was the highlight dish.
Pork dumplings and black truffle – Truffle was not too obvious, just a hint. Pork filling had good flavour and the wrapper was good.
Cost: $500 HKD / $60 AUD for quite a bit of food for two people – includes service charge but not drinks.
Score: 13.5/20

Shredded chicken with pepper and chilli oil

Sauteed minced chicken with pine nuts and sesame pastry pockets

Pork dumplings and black truffle

Shanghainese Spring rolls

Camphor smoked duck

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