We visited here for dinner based on some research showing it to be one of the better known places for Typhoon Shelter Crab – Singapore Chilli Crab is one of my favourite foods, so I was looking forward to trying this as a totally different take on a spicy crab dish. There are 3 restaurants with this name in a cluster on Lockhart and Jaffe Road and I believe they share a central kitchen.

Cuisine: Known for Typhoon Shelter Crab, but the menu has hundreds of dishes
Service: Good, our waiter spoke next to no English but he was patient with us and there were no problems
Food: Well … we ordered two dishes to start and the house specialty crab. The lemon chicken was pretty terrible, overpowered by harsh lemon flavour. The deep fried fish and corn wasn’t what we were expecting based on the menu description, but was actually reasonably tasty, though a few spoonfuls were enough as it got a bit heavy. The crab dish was definitely the star, good quality and fresh crab under a pile of garlic, chilli and scallions – the topping was tasty on it’s own and combined with the crab it was excellent (and surprisingly the topping wasn’t too overpowering). There are 5 spice levels that can be ordered, we ordered the medium spicy level (3) and it was a good balance at that point for my tastes.
Cost: About HK$500/AU$60 for food excluding drinks.
Would I go back?: Yes, either just for the crab or after having done more research on better side dishes to order.
Score: 12/20

Under bridge spicy crab

Deep fried fish and corn

Lemon chicken

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