Cuisine: Chinese
Service: No problems.
Food: Very good – a couple of dishes were maybe a step below others, but overall a good experience. Spices obviously feature prominently, but for the most part were well balanced. The hottest dishes are indicated on the menu if you want to either avoid or try them, none that I tried were mouth searingly hot for my taste.
Value: Worked out to about $55 a head all up excluding wine. There is also a $69 banquet option.
Ambiance: Impressive, really well thought out use of lighting.
Glassware: Excellent
Wine list: 100 wines with most looking like they would go well with various dishes. We had the 2007 Hirsch Heiligenstein Gruner Veltliner for $69 and the 2007 Marcel Deiss “Alsace” (listed on the menu as Pinot Gris, but I think it’s a blend) for $70. Both went well with the food and I thought the prices were reasonable for a restaurant.


Animated, digital display on the front door

Steamed shredded chicken with garlic and spring onion oil

Fried squid with whole five spice and dark chilli paste

Stir fried spicy pork and fermented chilli with crispy fried noodles

Fish drowned in heaven facing chillies and Sichuan peppercorns – Leatherjacket Sichuan style

Hunan style crisp pork belly with fresh and dried chillies and mushroom soy

Tea smoked chicken with black vinegar

Three shot chicken – Beer, chilli and soy

Hot pot of fresh shiitake, oyster, enoki and wild Chinese mushrooms,Yunnan style

Mango mousse and sesame nougatine

Peanut, chocolate and caramel parfait

Jasmine rice sherbet and banana ice cream with candy corn

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