Service: Friendly
Food: Very good overall – a couple of excellent courses, a couple great and a one not to my taste
Value: About $120 a head all up including corkage, coffee and tip.
Glassware: Good
Wine list: Had a quick glance but we brought our own wine so I didn’t spend much time going over it.
BYO Details: $8 per bottle

Score: 13.5/20


Jerusalem artichoke, walnut soup

Scallops, picada, foie gras

Bantam egg, tasmanian truffle, brioche

Mulloway, fennel, speck, black sesame pearls

Chicken, celeriac, puffed grains

Pork, kartoffel knodel, kale

Calvados custard, jasmine, pink lady

Pear, chocolate, celery sorbet

Petit fours

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  1. My lord, those dishes look absolutely amazing! We don’t have anything like that in the small town I am living in 🙁 This post only makes me want to move lol.

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